Sass and Vitality

I was re-reading some old journals. When I was younger I spent as much time as possible outside, adored deep conversations late into the night, and was always involved in something interesting. I was thinking what would the me of my college years think about the me of now?


(Me 1988)

What I loved about that time period is how full of vitality and sass I was, even though I was getting almost no sleep.

I think as we age, we can lose some of that vitality under the burden of responsibilities. Especially if we don’t include things we are passionate about into our lives and if we don’t keep on learning.

What were you like when you were younger? What made your heart race? What did you make time for even if it meant staying up late?

I find the days I take time to go for a walk in the woods or go for a motorcycle ride I am more vital. And after a good conversation I can feel renewed. And when I lose myself in learning something new, the rest of my day flows as well.

I hate the idea of becoming a dried up shell of a woman who can’t radiate any joy or vitality because she has used it all up keeping a perfect house, nurturing everyone but herself and spending all her time in duties with no time for curiousity.

I have to remind myself of this all the time, when guilt creeps in to cage my wants until all that are left are shoulds.