Saturday’s Retreat


About once a month I try to take most of one day for retreat. Each month takes a different course. This day my daughter was home as well, so we did a few things together.

To get relaxed we watched a movie together. We also made chocolate chip cookies.

I felt like nurturing myself and my surroundings this day.

Some activities that went on:

  • Updating my comfort basket
  • Adding fun, old pictures to facebook
  • An extra long quiet time
  • Playing relaxing, soulful music I got from Heather
  • Reading
  • Making yogurt
  • Making bread dough
  • Visual journaling
  • Listening to a goal setting audio from the American Monk
  • Playing with my computer desktop which should save time this week
  • Reorganizing a bathroom cabinet
  • Taking a shower with candles and music

Usually I wouldn’t consider the organizing and baking as retreat material. But, that was what I felt I needed. And I am feeling nurtured for the month ahead.

Photo Credit: Bulinna