Saturday’s Retreat


With everyone home right now, I really, really, really needed my retreat this Saturday.

On Friday I listed different ideas of what I could do. Then on Saturday I glanced through the list to see what appealed to me during the day.

I began with some yoga. For breakfast I had fresh Michigan strawberries and homemade yogurt.

I had an extended quiet time of prayer, reading and doing some questions (like these). During my quiet time I had some insights about a project I have been working on so I created a mind map of it.

Then I made my own superhero. (And no you can’t see it – you would blow my secret identity.)

I checked up on my boundaries to see where I needed to strengthen them.

Then I felt like writing some postcards to friends and family.

For lunch I savored farmer’s market deep green swiss chard with bright yellow stems, soup, fresh nectarines with farmer’s market cherries and soft vienna bread with a dab of butter.

For fun I did the circle page in Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. And wished a couple friend’s Happy Birthday.

I created a healthy meal plan for the month and a new desktop wallpaper for July.


I enjoyed doing a visual journaling page.

And finally I did some monthly planning.

By the time the family got home for dinner, I was feeling renewed and positive.

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