Save Money By Using Your Food

With food being so expensive nowadays, I took on a challenge I saw in Body and Soul Magazine. The article suggested recording how much and what kind of food you waste during a week.

I was appalled with my results. That certainly doesn’t help the food budget.

So the next week I was much more conscious. Here are some changes and ideas:

  • Only shopped for enough produce for 3 days
  • Added leftover rice to the black bean soup
  • Added leftover vegetables and fruit to salads
  • Made soup from some leftovers
  • Chopped up the rest of the green pepper and onion to freeze before they went squishy
  • The chicken fajita stuff from dinner made it into a breakfast omelet
  • When I had tomato soup, I added it to my menu plan for lunch two days later


I found just being aware is what has made the difference. Every day I peek and see what needs to be used soonest. So those fruits and vegetables get used first. Leftovers might become breakfast or lunch. And really it only take a few seconds to evaluate the fridge as long as it’s not overstuffed.

The second idea that helped me the most, is to see what leftovers I had right after meals, before they are even put into the fridge and incorporate them into my menu plan for 1-2 days afterwards.

I feel very new to this sort of thing. I think my Mom and Grandma were much better at it. So if you have any tips to give me on making the most of the food in my fridge, please leave me a comment.


Salad by SuaveHouse