Scarf Organization

I had a small closet and therefore a small wardrobe. I rely on accessories like scarves and necklaces to change up my outfits. I had been hanging my scarves on an old tie rack that was attached to the wall when we bought the house. But now I have too many and they keep falling off the tiny hooks. I searched online for various ways to store my scarves.

There was the shower curtain ring method

Using tension rods

On a hanger (with or without shower curtain rings)

In a drawer if you have more drawer space

And of course you can buy scarf organizers

All of these are great ideas. Then I found an old belt organizer I’ve had for years. At least I think it’s a belt organizer, maybe it’s a tie hanger. It looks similar to this:

It worked perfectly. I loop the scarves around so the higher ones are behind the lower ones and I can see them all at once. I also used the center area. I can store a lot more than with most of the scarf organizers in a smaller space. The scarves don’t get creased and wrinkly. Most importantly, I just re-hang the scarf when I am done – no rings, folding or maneuvering.

You can see what the holder looks like here, where I have taken off some of the scarves:

scarf organization

and here is how it looks with all the scarves on it:

scarf organization

Do you have any great tips on storing scarves?