Scary Simplifying

Are you using too much work as an excuse? Many times people say they have too much work to do, so they can’t do what they want. But, often times they are just scared.

"What if I use time to create art and no one likes it?" It’s much easier to clean the whole kitchen.


"What if I volunteer with a cause near to my heart, and nothing seems to change?" It’s much easier to work late.

"What if I start a side business and it fails?"  Much easier to chauffeur kids around to a zillion activities.

Or maybe you are afraid you have no purpose and wouldn’t know what to do with your free time.

It’s scary to simplify, because then you will have time to do that fulfilling work. And that type of work involves risk. 

For most of use, a fulfilling life is what we want. So ask yourself, what are you really afraid of if you simplify?


Painting by Julie Jordan Scott