Seasonal Planning


I used to do quarterly planning, but it seemed so corporate. I am such a nature lover that planning by the seasons works better for me.

Since we were gone over labor day weekend, I did my seasonal planning today.

Seasonal Planning Checklist

1. I start by getting quiet and relaxed with music or journaling. I may ask myself some questions from the check in jar.

2. Review what was done and not done this past summer and this past month. Eating better and exercising more was a plus. But, taxes weren’t entered.

3. Ask myself what I want more of and less of this season. Less TV, more freedom, dancing and reading.

4. Write down 5 objectives like getting back on a sleep schedule, finishing my 2013 declutter calendar and decide on the Oct class.

5. Write down any seasonal pleasures I don’t want to miss: caramel apples, a hayride, last day at the beach

6. Think of anything coming up that I want to plan for ahead of time: my cousin’s wedding, my birthday

7. Look over my daily rhythm ( like a schedule, but more flexible) to see if there is anything I want to change. Print new one out and put on bulletin board.

Once seasonal planning is done, I move onto monthly planning.

Monthly Planning Checklist

1. Break down the seasonal goals into what you want to do this month.

2. Take 1/3 of the goals off. Put some next actions for each goal into my calendar/planner.

3. Plan my exercise.

4. Write out a menu.

5. Decide on what new habit I want to create this month. Create reminders.

6. Look over my project list and see which have stalled, which next actions I need.

7. Peek over the calendar to see if there is anything I need to prep for.

8. Look over friends and family list. Anyone I want to contact?

9. Add some fun things to my calendar/planner that I am looking forward to.

Then I put the Fall objectives and Sept goals on my whiteboard.



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