See All the Clothes in Your Dresser

When this tip came up in my feed reader from Apartment Therapy, I just had to try it. After all, it is bedroom drawer time on the declutter calendar.

By placing clothes on their side you can see what you have easier so you aren’t jumbling your drawers looking for the shirt you know you have in there someplace.

Here is my pajama drawer before:

Messy drawer

The main problem is that I was always going through the drawer so I could get both a top and a bottom. I rarely buy matched sets of pj’s.

So I put my clothes to the side and now I can see everything:


I am sure other people fold much neater than I do (check out the apartment therapy post, it’s pretty cool), but folding my pajamas neatly doesn’t seem very simple to me. I have bottoms to the left and tops to the right.

This process is wonderful also because you can see what you have. I realized I have to do laundry because I only had two pairs of underwear. It looked like more because I had special occasion ‘squish the belly in’ undies mixed with regular ones. Now the ‘wear once in awhile’ underwear is towards the back.

And I love being able to see my camisoles and shirts at a glance.

Let me know if you try this and if it works for you.