See the world as it is, not as we wish it to be

Picture of our town taken by my daughter

“How odd that a chance meeting with a woman named Letty would add a large piece to the puzzle of how to enjoy life as you grow older. Letty’s found the secret, I think, to staying young. How? By responding as a child does: seeing the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.” -Alice Steinbach in her book Without Reservations

I love this line. I am seeing the truth lately. Much of our misery is of our own making. We “wish” something else had happened. We “should have” done this or that. We get disappointed when life doesn’t happen as we planned. We get annoyed at those who don’t act like we want them to.

Instead we could enjoy people as they are, flaws and all. After all they have to put up with us! We can respond with flexibility instead of complaining about the change. We can look at a moment as it really is instead of how we want it to be.

I have caught some kind of cold or flu. It does no good to me to say, “I wish I wasn’t sick.” Then I just feel miserable. Instead I will say, “I am sick. How can I feel better? Or what can I do as I heal? Or how can I take care of myself today?”

So today I will drink lots of water and do lots of reading and resting. I am starting to feel better all ready.