Seeing with New Eyes or Boggle Anyone?


One of my clients was so excited as she told me she figured out what to do about keeping her kitchen table clean.

Like many of us, when she used to see messes or piles she would berate herself for not being organized enough. She saw no way out. But now she tells me she is seeing with new eyes and seeing solutions instead.

Boggle anyone?

It reminds me of playing Boggle online. When a hard puzzle comes up sometimes I tell myself there are no words and I can’t see them. When the game is done, the possible words come up and there are numerous ones. I just didn’t see them.

So the next game I am determined to find words, hard puzzle or not and I see more and more.

Ask better questions

How can you see newly? To find answers you need questions. But the quality of your questions matter. Instead of asking,

   "How can I be such a mess?"


     "What is causing my kitchen table to pile with things and what would make it work better?"

Now your brain is coming up with solutions to your kitchen table problem instead of finding reasons you are a mess. Definitely a more productive use of your brain.

It’s not personal

We take our homes personally since they reflect us. But, to get into analytical mode we need to notice without feeling personally involved. Like you are an organizer or detective.

If Peter Walsh, organizing expert, came into your home and looked at that spot, what would he suggest?

Or make believe you are Miss Marple, detective, and look for clues for the underlying cause for that messy area.

What can you add or take away? Would a different workflow work better? Do you need an alternative storage area? Do you need to create a new habit?

Don’t assume there are no solutions to your problems

You may not have seen or discovered the solution, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s harder to find solutions if your mind is full of doubts that it is even possible.

If you want an area to work a certain way, play with things until you see your vision. If one way doesn’t work, try another way.

You know Miss Marple wouldn’t give up.

Do something right now

Quick look in your immediate area. Is there something that has been bugging you or hasn’t been working well?

See with new, impersonal eyes. What are 5-10 possible solutions you can try?


  • Hi Beth,
    I like your comment on asking quality questions. I think it’s Tony Robins who says “quality questions create a quality life”. I always like the “why?” questions. Be as tenacious as a four year old when pursuing a train of “why?” questions and you will eventually get to your engine! The other question I like is a Richard Bandler favorite – “What’s stopping you..?” Both of these encourage exploration and inevitably lead one to see more options than before.

  • Beth says:

    Hi Roseanna,

    I love the what’s stopping you question! Thanks for sharing.

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