Self Care Plan for the Holiday Season

holiday window

The preparing for the holidays is busy and hectic and tiring. I talked about how to re-energize for the holiday season yesterday.

But, what about the holidays themselves? What plan do you have for dealing with all the people, cleaning and cooking that accompanies most holidays?

It’s helpful to create a plan, before the event.

Some ideas:

  • Spend some time alone in your room at the beginning and end of each day
  • Ask for help with the cooking and cleaning
  • No hovering over guests, show them where things are
  • Take walks with the family or alone
  • Allow yourself favorite foods guilt free
  • Allow yourself to say no to foods you don’t want
  • When things get annoying, frustrating or emotional write in your journal
  • Don’t worry about perfect, but focus on connecting
  • Have fabulous smelling hand lotion to treat your hands
  • Take a time out when you realize you are squashing someone else’s holiday spirit

You need to personalize your list. Think about the last few holidays. What created melt down scenarios for you? What can you do differently this year?

What did you really enjoy that you want to make sure you include?

And keep aware throughout the holidays. Jot down on a piece of paper other ideas you have. Then put the list in your December monthly folder or where you will find the list next year.


Photo by: Eye of Einstein