Self-Care Rituals


We all have little self-care rituals that help us feel better. But, when it’s time to do them we make excuses of not enough time, too many needs from other people, or being too tired.

I feel much better when I do my full “right before bed routine.”

  • Spraying my feet with a magnesium/lavender oil
  • Projecting the time onto the ceiling from the alarm clock for when I wake up too early (Is is 15 min early or 2 hours early?)
  • Turning on my white noise machine
  • Getting under the sheets from the bed I made that morning
  • Putting on my eye mask so it’s really dark
  • Placing a pillow between my knees so my hips are more aligned

Now all this takes under 5 minutes and recently I noticed I was making excuses not to do it.

I know it makes my sleep better (and I struggle with insomnia). Yet, I kept telling myself I was too tired and would just go to sleep without doing my things. Usually that meant waking up multiple times for light or noise or muscle twinges.

Knowing I sleep much better with my ritual, I’ve decided to make it a non-negotiable. It becomes something I always do without arguing with myself.

I have been sleeping much better.

What self-care ritual would be helpful to turn into a non-negotiable?

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