Many times when I talk to people they tell me they are busy and they don’t know how to stop. They have to take the kids here and here and here. Or work is keeping them overtime. Or they have to attend so many meetings.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed between the "too busy" and the "not too busy"  is that for the too busy it’s always someone or something else causing the problem.

"Too busy" is the kind of people that makes you exhausted, irritable and like you are missing meaning. Some people can be rushing around like whirlwinds, but they are feeling fulfilled in their lives and energetic. Too busy will seem much different from one person to the next.

In order to become less busy, you need to be self-directed. You can decide how many activities the kids can be in if you are the one driving. You can decide whether you want to join the PTA or not. You get to decide to be more productive during work time so you don’t have to stay late.

You can make your priorities, true priorities. You can make sure you exercise, connect with someone and have quiet time before you watch TV, go to a game or surf the internet.

Trust me, I realize sometimes things happen. People get sick, your daughter gets married, there is a big project at work. Sometimes you may be busy no matter what. But, if you are always too busy, it’s probably not circumstances. It may be you.

Lots of people use busy as a badge of worthiness. I am busy, so I must matter. When they aren’t moving, they get antsy. Some create crises just so they can save the day or complain to others about the drama. Or they stay busy because they are scared other people will get ahead of them. Or look down on them. Staying too busy can be a way of masking feelings they don’t want to deal with.

Where can you take responsibility for the busyness of your life? What are you willing to do about it?

Not too busy

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  • Julia says:

    Ouch! you hit home for me. I’m trying to simplify but I’m still a little too busy. Need to keep to my priorities. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Hi Beth,
    The thoughts you offer are so important to folks today. Every one just seems to be so busy they don’t have time for themselves. I agree with your concept and have added a beautiflu little garden into the equations just to enjoy the besuty of nature.

  • Jennie says:

    Thank you for making me confront the brutal truth 🙂 I can complain about my too-busy life all I want, but the truth is that I have created it for multiple reasons, each of which I need to examine and heal. Thanks for the honesty.

  • Maree Crosbie says:

    Thanks again Beth for your wise words. I used to be in the “too busy” category but have made efforts to drop some things and it is a much more restful life and I am getting much better at saying no.

  • Teresa Rhodes says:

    I have been stressed about my “to do” list at work and home. Why am I allowing myself to live this way? I feel I have no time to eat properly or exercise. I am trying to take little steps to change my routine. I need to give myself permission and determination to enjoy the quiet moments of life more and not be so duty bound.

    Thank you for your insight.

  • Beth says:

    Good for you Teresa. If you can’t take care of yourself, you are definitely too busy. To dos don’t need to be more important than your health. Little changes are the way to go.

  • Beth says:

    I am so glad you continue to make changes Maree!

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