Not always a weakness

I am too sensitive. Or so I’ve been told. I used to shy away from my sensitive nature, but I have learned to embrace it. Sure I still jump when startled, get headaches from loud noises or strong smells. and can tell when someone is angry just by the feeling in the room. But, I am enthralled with music, nature makes me completely joyful, and I can see and understand a person as who they are. I love seeing what others miss.

And because I can become overwhelmed faster than most people, I had to come up with ways to make my own life saner and simpler. Now I get a chance to teach others.

Each of our personality quirks usually has a good and a bad side.

Easily distracted – Creative
Perfectionistic – Detailed and orderly
Talks too much – Friendly and outgoing, putting others at ease

It’s time to see strengths as well as weaknesses. Shine!