Setting up a big project

Is the first thing you feel when you get assigned or need to do a big project, panic?

So much to do, how do you even know where to start?

It’s helpful to get it all down – I like to use a computer document, just because I can move things around.

I write down everything I can think of that needs to be done- decisions to make, people to call, information to find, and things to do.

Then I do a basic timeline:

Week 1

I need to decide on…

Have a meeting with…

Will have scheduled printing of…

Week 2

I will have written press release

Gotten the list of people for invites

I can move some of my brainstorms into the Weeks.

Other actions, I group by sections of the project. For planning a party, sections might include: Food, Invitation, Games. It may not matter when they get done, as long as they get done.
Maybe yours would be People to Call, Web Site Changes, or Promotional Material.

If other people are involved, be sure to add a Delegated to List and when you are going to follow up with them.

At the beginning of each week, check what you had planned to finish that week, plus take a few other actions from the groupings and schedule these actions. Check that you are on track, and if not can you delegate, simplify or do something else to get you back on track?

If you are stuck, break down one of your tasks even further until there is less resistance.

You can handle your project!