Setting Your Intention

I thought all this talk about setting intentions as some mumbo jumbo. It didn’t have anything to do with real life.

The other day, though, I was looking at a study I needed to do. It looked long and boring. Too many questions.  I was digging in my heels and procrastinating.

Then I recalled a bit about intentions I had been reading about. So I asked myself, "What is my intention for doing this study?"  I remembered I wanted to learn and grow.  I started to feel excited about the study as I thought of what the study meant to me.

Next thing I know, I am doing the study with more intensity than ever before. And enjoying it.

This can be used all the time. Often we are going through the motions with daily tasks. Not connecting them to the bigger picture.

What if you approached cleaning your home with, "I intend to create a serene space for me and my family," rather than, "More dirty dishes. I am sick of this house. Why doesn’t anyone pick up after themselves?"

Which would give you more energy?

What if instead of "returning phone calls" you were "connecting with people"? That on your to do list may make picking up the phone easier.

If your kid comes home with bad grades, is your intention to show how angry you are or to teach him how to become a responsible adult with character? That focus might make the conversation go a more productive way.

Setting an intention is really about deciding where you are going to focus. Are you going to focus on have to, should and need or are you going to focus on what you want and how this task fits into the big picture?