Setting Yourself Up to Win


A new client of mine is beginning a big project. So the first thing we did was set her up to make the project easier.

Do you have a project or goal you are doing or about to do? What would it mean to set yourself up to win?

Some ideas:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Get a relative or babysitter to watch the kids
  • Visualize the outcome before starting to go from, “this is too hard” to “this is what I want to see.”
  • Clear off your desk
  • Create a project file
  • Clean up a location
  • Get a coach, buddy or support person for accountability
  • Get any materials
  • Block out time in your schedule
  • Plan reviewing progress time
  • Set up your environment to make your project easier
  • Decide which of your strengths can help this project
  • Be clear on what outcome you want
  • Anticipate obstacles and come up with solutions to overcome

The easier you make a project on yourself, the more likely it will get to completion. Preparing helps you finish.


Photo by JayneandD

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