Shoe Organization

I don’t think I have that many shoes. I’m a size 5, so I usually can’t find shoes that fit and that I like because the selection is dismal. But, compared to my husband who has 3: one for work, one pair of gym shoes and one pair of dress shoes, it may seem like a lot.

I tried over the door shoe hangers, but they squish the shoes. I tried those metal racks, but they kept tumbling over. Once I had lined them up on the floor of my closet, but it’s pretty dark in my closet and more than once I went out with one brown loafer and one black.

I like how they are set up now. In my office I have once of those sectional organizers. I have a bookshelf, then attached and underneath I have shoe cubbies like this:

shoe organizer

(You can get something similar at Target.) I can fit my 8 shoes and 2 pairs of short boots in it. Most shoes fit both pair in one slot.

I can’t fit all my summer sandals and winter boots though. So I switch out my shoes at the beginning of the season. I packed up the summer sandals today.

How do you organize your shoes?