Shopping Temptations


I was at the mall this past weekend. I rarely go there because I don’t much like shopping and temptation can be too great.

But, I was meeting a friend and that was the only place I could think of that was between our cities.

I ate before I left and brought trail mix, so I would have to eat overpriced food. My friend was hungry so I did order a mini dessert while we talked.

Victoria Secret was having a major bra sale. Such pretty ones, too. I picked out four and when my friend asked if I was going to try them out I put them back. I was picturing my bra drawer which was full at the moment.

We visited a couple clothing stores. I was drawn to some exquisite shawls. And some unusual belts. And the lovely bracelet. Oh and look at the detailed jacket. But, we had to admit to each other that neither one of us had any place to wear them.


That’s the great thing about beauty – you don’t have to buy it. If you are in an art museum, you look at the painting and sculptures. You don’t automatically think to take a Rembrandt home with you. Store shopping can be the same thing. If you are shopping and you see something beautiful, go ahead and admire it.

Then put it back.


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  • nicole 86 says:

    Great post ! my daughter doesn’t understand why I enjoy looking smart clothes or expensive jewels without beeing tempted.
    By the way, Rembrandt is my favorite painter and robbery in a museum could be a temptation.

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