Showplace Basement

Remember growing up, the basement was just where things were thrown. Boxes around, piles, fun spots to look through where you never knew what you would find. No one expected to have anybody but family see it.

When did basements become another showplace?

It’s great to have most things labeled and on shelves, but does the basement really need to look perfect?

I’m afraid we have just added yet another expectation to our growing expectations.

Every house should have at least one place, be it a basement, attic, crawl space or elsewhere where things don’t have to be all lined up. Where a pile is o.k. Where something can go until you know what to do with it.

How would it feel to allow a little bit of imperfection into your home.  I know you are thinking, "My home is imperfect enough!" What I mean is that in your mind, you can let at least one space be taken off the perfect list. How would that feel?