Simple Birthday

I had ideas on what to do for my daughter’s 14th birthday. And as usual, she had ideas of her own. Raining limited some options, so I will be taking her and a friend to the beach another time this week.

She only had two things planned -both where she wanted to eat. She wanted to do what she wanted when she felt like doing them. So after iced coffee and a blueberry muffin at the Sweet Bean, she wanted to look at eccentric cars at the car show that was going on nearby.

She spent some time on the phone with a friend before she decided she wanted to go to the movies. The movie she wanted wasn’t playing, so we rented a couple DVD’s and stocked up on junk food for the afternoon.

We went to Johnny Carino’s for dinner. While I had a pecan crusted chicken salad, my daughter decided to try angel hair pasta with artichoke hearts, which she said was delicious. She’s always been an adventureous eater. I’ve always said that it’s nice to try new things because you never know when you will run across a favorite.

Crafts and reading filled out the night for her and she stayed up as long as she wanted.

We didn’t do anything extremely out of the ordinary, but it was a day we were able to slow down our pace and really connect.