Simple Christmas Decorating


Decorating isn’t one of my favorite parts of Christmas but I like how it looks when it is festive. So I have simplified my decorating. Besides replacing some Christmas balls last year I haven’t gotten new decorations in at least 4 years.

Some simple ideas:

  • Put Christmas books on plate racks


  • Use Christmas balls – I have some hanging up, one in a plant, on door handles, in a large glass dish, in candle holders in the kitchen, on a geode holder in the bathroom, in a bowl in the office.

  • Use nature – pinecones, fruit, flowers, cinnamon. This page has great use of natural objects, I especially love the Noel Room.
  • Put what is most important to you this season front and center. For us it is the nativity scene.

  • Candles all over to make things bright
  • We took some decorations off our wooden shelf in the living room and replaced them with those old, heavy, snow globes (the pictures are my great-grandparents)

  • Bowls of old fashioned hard candy (for those with no toddlers)
  • Keep most of the decorations in the box, except your favorites (better yet, declutter them)
  • Decorate by color – this year it was red and gold, so I was able to find these colors around the house like a big red mug filled with caramels. Another year it was country blue and red. Another year it was burgundy and gold.

Do you have any simple decorating tips?


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  • Mackenzie says:

    I don’t have any decorations except a few crocheted ornaments my late aunt made and a few I’ve made as well.I’d intended to sell the ones I made, but then I saw how horribly cheap people sell them for on Etsy and realised it’s not worth it. I haven’t got a tree, as I don’t want to do the plastic thing or the tree-killing thing. I own a red candle and a green candle though, so maybe that counts, but the green is for power outages, and the red is for heating beeswax when making Ukrainian eggs.

    Don’t see much point buying decorations which I’ll then have to store the other 50 weeks of the year.

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