Simple Christmas Decorating

Decorating isn’t one of my favorite parts of Christmas but I like how it looks when it is festive. So I have simplified my decorating. Besides replacing some Christmas balls last year I haven’t gotten new decorations in at least 4 years.

Some simple ideas:

  • Put Christmas books on plate racks


  • Use Christmas balls – I have some hanging up, one in a plant, on door handles, in a large glass dish, in candle holders in the kitchen, on a geode holder in the bathroom, in a bowl in the office.

  • Use nature – pinecones, fruit, flowers, cinnamon. This page has great use of natural objects, I especially love the Noel Room.
  • Put what is most important to you this season front and center. For us it is the nativity scene.

  • Candles all over to make things bright
  • We took some decorations off our wooden shelf in the living room and replaced them with those old, heavy, snow globes (the pictures are my great-grandparents)

  • Bowls of old fashioned hard candy (for those with no toddlers)
  • Keep most of the decorations in the box, except your favorites (better yet, declutter them)
  • Decorate by color – this year it was red and gold, so I was able to find these colors around the house like a big red mug filled with caramels. Another year it was country blue and red. Another year it was burgundy and gold.

Do you have any simple decorating tips?