Jen at Semi Charmed Wife had a fun Pay It Forward contest. The first three commenters to her blog received a prize. The only stipulation was that the winners needed to post their own contest on their blog. As the first commenter, I was a winner.

So, for my contest, the first 3 people that post a question on how to live more simply in my comments section will win a prize.

You will have a choice of either:

1. The Simplicity eCourse

2. The Procrastination eCourse

3. or the Energy for Joy Health Plan

If you don’t have a blog to pay it forward to, you can write in the comments how you can Pay It Forward in a different way.

The contest begins……Now!

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  • Kathleen

    My question on how to live more simply:

    How do you declutter or live with clutter if your spouse is unwilling to part with some of it? (I’m not saying I’m perfect!)

    I don’t have a blog, but I’d plan to pay it forward to my husband, by doing a couple of things that need doing without being asked. =)

  • Crystal

    I love your blog – it’s been very helpful to me. I have a question about decluttering things that you don’t use that often but you find them useful, beautiful or sentimental – such as good sets of dishes. I like to entertain and I do use my sets of dishes, but just not all the time. Sometimes I think I’m going to get rid of all these things, but then I think about how I like to have them for parties or dinners. I’m just torn and I don’t know what’s a good rule to have about keeping these kinds of things. And don’t get me started on how much glassware and stemware I have . . . if you have some good advice I would sure appreciate it – and I will certainly pay it forward!

  • Sharon

    My question on how to live more simply is –

    How to de-clutter efficiently and (more importantly!) keep clutter away for a long time? I’m a graduate student studying Computer Science and I notice that no matter how many times I clean my room, I usually end up exclaiming “How did this place get so cluttered?!?” on weekends.

    Any solutions for this?

    I don’t have a blog at present (I did start one but don’t find time to manage it anymore) but I plan to pay it forward by recommending your blog and courses to people I know.

    Btw, Keep up the good work, I really liked some of the posts you posted.


  • Beth

    Congratulations Kathleen, Crystal and Sharon! I’ll email you in the morning and you can tell me which course you would like.

  • Cori

    Well, stink! LOL I really need to keep track of your blog better! I would really have loved a chance to take the simplicity course! Ah well.. that’ll teach me, won’t it?

    Your points are always so good – simple, effective, and they always seem to apply to me…LOL

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