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As we are thinking about our vacation, someone else asked about packing simply. It’s rare that people think they didn’t pack enough. We forget that in most places we travel we can pick up something if we really need it. I always use a packing list. Because otherwise I forget things. My husband can pack in just a few minutes and get everything. But, not me. I have it on my computer so I can change it up depending on where we go and if we are camping.

I love to pack clothes with just a couple colors so I can wear the same jewelry and makeup all week. This is the biggest simplifier. I will be wearing shades of purple and black a la the Vivienne Files. That site has some great packing wardrobes. Roll clothes like knits and jeans that don’t wrinkle easily. Top with clothes that wrinkle more easily. Then tuck small items like undies and socks in the corners and empty spots.

One thing I have noticed in recent years is that people bring more kid’s stuff. Bikes, boats, toys, electronics. I remember going on camping trips as a kid and we brought sand toys, a couple games and books. And that was all the entertainment we brought. So we did a lot of wandering in nature, playing with bugs and creating imaginative scenes. A little boredom for the kids I think is good. Because then they have to get creative and explore.

Below are packing lists for different destinations and activities. Think about the weather and what you will be doing, so you don’t take unnecessary items. Think about getting heavy items at your destination. Do you really need to carry extra heavy batteries or will they have them where you are going?

Keep asking, “Do I really need this?” Perhaps give your hair a break by leaving the curling iron and hair dryer at home.

Footwear takes up lots of room, so think about what you will be doing and the minimum you can get away with. Maybe just walking shoes and sandals.

Bring ebooks instead of paperbacks. And if you do bring paperbacks, when you are done reading it you can pass it on to someone else to read. Maybe leaving it in the hotel lobby with a note that people can take it.

Remember to have room for what you will buy. If you are planning on getting some cute clothes on your trip, pack less clothes.


Some packing lists:

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Beach vacation

Bike Touring

Ski Trip

Packing Checklist


City Vacation

What are your best packing tips?


  • Eva says:

    Hi Beth-

    Thank you for including the city vacation packing list in this article! Just noticed Mysimplerlife in my analytics and had to check it out. Great site. Eva

  • Beth says:

    Thanks Eva

  • Christin says:

    Helpful and timely post. We are leaving in a week as a family of 5 to India and Nepal for 18 days. Packing simply will be critical and lists help me so much. Thank you (as always) for your lovely website. Your weekly “to do” lists are a favorite.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Glad I could help Christin. Have an excellent time in Nepal and learn lots!

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