Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself


Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

I had a survey the other day, and this is the call idea that won the most votes. So this is the call we will start with, since I want to give you what you want.

There never seems to be enough time and all the magazines ask you to do things like exercise an hour a day, fresh squeeze your juice, and meditate 20 minutes morning and night.

We all want to be the best we can be, so what are some simpler, less time intrusive ways we can take care of ourselves – body, mind and soul?

Join me on this content rich call with ideas for making time to take care of yourself, feeling more energetic and centered, and getting rid of the guilt. Practical ideas not "no real person has time for that" ideas. You will also have time to ask questions for your own personal situation.

You will also get a pdf workbook so you can engage with the ideas that you connect with most.

Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself call, recording and workbook is $7.

Sign up below to register for the call, recording and workbook.

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Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself $7 Wed August 11 and 8pm EST.



  • Maureen Colson says:

    I tried to sign up for your simplicity newsletter and declutter calendar, but it would not submit for some reason. Can you please sign me up?
    Send to:
    Thank you!

  • Beth says:

    Looks like you made it in Maureen. You have already signed up, if you didn’t get your calendar please check your spam folder. And if it’s not there email me at beth @ without the spaces

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