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A reader asked for tips to simplify a wedding so they can plan quicker to have the wedding before family has to go back overseas.

Since my simple wedding will be 21 years ago June 1, I asked at facebook for some new ideas.

Rhiannon reminds us to prioritize the stuff that lasts like rings and flowers, rather than music and flowers. Meghan says, "all the frou-frou little accessories for a wedding were not going to be the things I remembered later on (and I was correct about that!), so it wasn’t worth putting time into them or even having them; the only ones I gave the green light to were ones people wanted to give me as gifts, or that it meant a great deal to one of our mothers to have."

And she also says delegate, even if it means giving up some control. Others want to help you and tend to take care of the things you ask them to handle. Decorating is a great place to invite help. Branch out thought and don’t rely on the same 2-3 people.

Debbie says to make a note about what is important to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Stick to it and simplify the rest. And have fun! (Plus the more relaxed you are, the more fun all your guests will have.)

"Finally, relax. You’re getting married. That’s the point. No one cares if the the fruit you serve is cut into heart shapes or if they get a little plastic tube of bubbles to blow at you when you leave. You and your loved one will get married that day, and that is what makes the day perfect. Not any of the other details. And of course: less is more." Meghan reminds you.


  • Debra says ask family and friends to help out with food. Potluck is a big time savor.
  • Buffet style instead getting servers, says LA Lovely Ink.
  • If you have it a a B&B, Laura says they might cater for you.
  • Instead of flower centerpieces you can have small tiered cakes to eat when it’s time to cut the cake, Brooke suggests.
  • Have a simple reception like Diana’s daughter had – cake, punch, nuts, mints, vegetables. They made their own wedding cake out of 6 round cakes.
  • Cheryl says a cocktail reception instead of a sit-down dinner
  • In fact, depending on the time of day, Sherri says you can have a cake only reception.
  • Wedding cupcakes (see above)
  • If you have lots of fantastic pie makers in your family and friends circle you can have them each bring a pie in lieu of having wedding cake.


  • Rent a dress
  • Get an outfit, rather than a wedding dress
  • Diana ordered her daughter’s wedding dress from ebay seller "Quick Gowns" inexpensive and allows returns if in two days
  • Get a dress off the rack instead of scouring and fitting, says Faith.


  • The easiest way to limit the chaos of a wedding is to invite less people. You can have an intimate family wedding, then have a party with friends after family leaves.
  • Also use less attendants which will simplify many aspects
  • Have a Day of Coordinator – a main person to handle to details.


  • Can a friend take the pictures?
  • Or have everyone take pictures with disposable cameras that you can develop


  • Framed photos of the bride and groom
  • Recruit someone getting married to take down the decorations and keep what she wants (love this idea, Diana!)
  • You can use silk flowers if you want them to last longer
  • The Dollar Tree has inexpensive table centerpieces, says Julie. And Peggy says you can make simple floral or candle centerpieces there.
  • Most people don’t need party favors, but Pamela said she loved at a Saturday night wedding when they go bagels, cream cheese and the Sunday paper before they left.
  • Also, Lisa’s parents went to a wedding a few years ago where small jars of local honey were given as favors with a cute label they printed. I think it had their names, the date and something like "Meant to Bee".
  • Cheryl suggests asking the venue if they have house candleabras/candles instead of buying centerpieces


  • Your church
  • Courthouse
  • Marina
  • Regular hall
  • Church basement/hall
  • B & B
  • Find the location ASAP – those book up Faith reminds us
  • Restaurant (Maree had a fabulous champagne and seafood lunch and got married there.)


  • Print your own or use an online invitation service like Evites, suggests Lisa

I love Lynette’s wedding, "For our wedding, we invited family and friends to my soon to be husband’s birthday party, and then had a surprise wedding. We announced the marriage with fortunes in fortune cookies. I wore a colorful dress, he wore a suit. In front of fireplace and 60 guests in a very small house, ferns hanging, garden bouquets, a beautiful cake, guitar player, banquet, Catholic priest, believe it or not. Done. 21Yrs later our first child, still married since 1984. Cheap, but I had just bought a house. Fairly low stress (only in retrospect -) other than getting the house in perfect order. I wouldn’t do it any different today."

And Diana says they saw a wedding where the grandmother’s performed the role of flower girls with great joy and to applause. And instead of tossing bouquet to embarrassed single women, her daughter’s chose to award the bouquet to the couple married the longest.

If you have any more ideas for our bride-to-be, I’d love to see them in the comments.


Wedding cupcake photo by Clever Cupcakes


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