Simpler, Saner Life Makeover Contest

I have been moved, humbled and awed at the people that have put in their stories for the saner, simpler life contest. I chose 5 and need your help to choose the winner.

1) Miriam

2) Kathy

3) Debbie

4) Sue

5) Sandi

Select your pick in the poll below and I will announce next Monday


Could you use a simpler life?

Tell me your story in the comments.

You will receive:

  1. The simpler, saner life course with email coaching from me
  2. The procrastination ecourse
  3. Three 30 minute phone/chat or email coaching sessions
  4. Simple life evaluation
  5. E-book 365 tips for a simpler, saner life
  6. My copy of Lighten Up by Michelle Passoff on how to free yourself from clutter
  7. Access to the chat transcripts and how to’s from the Declutter Club

4 finalists will be chosen based on the answer to this question, "Why I need a saner, simpler life."  Answer in the comments. The winning finalist will be determined by popular vote in a poll I will invite you to.

And to make this contest helpful to more than just the winner, I will be blogging about the changes to a saner, simpler life. (I’ll be sharing what I post with the winner before posting, but if you don’t want to be blogged about, you don’t want to enter 🙂

The 4 finalists will be chosen Monday morning Feb 23rd.