Simplify Your Project

Often we have this wonderful project idea that we’ve been wanting to do, but we have been procrastinating on. The project seems so huge we just don’t start it. Sometimes we find we have added so many bells and whistles to make the project "better" we can’t begin it because it is completely overwhelming. In reality simplifying  the project may make it better.

So how can you go about simplifying a project? How about…

  • Ask yourself, "How important is this project to me?" If it’s not important anymore can you let it go? Allocate time based on how important it is.
  • Ask, "What is the most important part of this project?" Make that your focal point. Make that part the best it can be and then anything else is a bonus.
  • Decide on the minimum project requirements and get those done first.
  • Do only part of the project. Redo the kitchen cabinets instead of the whole kitchen. Do one class instead of a series of classes. Create something that does one thing well instead of multiple things semi-well.
  • Bring in someone new to look at the project and see where it can be simplified.
  • See if someone has done your type of project before and has a checklist or template you can follow.
  • Get help from others, especially people who have done this type of project before. Hire someone, get an assistant, get help from a friend, find a mentor.
  • Ask, "What’s superfluous in this project?" or "What is unnecessary?" You can add things later, but if you feel overwhelmed with your project weeding out what you don’t need can get things moving again.
  • Write down basic steps as you think of them or find them out by research. Don’t keep a project just in your head. Things always seem clearer once you write it out.
  • Make the deadline further out so you are less rushed. Why do we create unrealistic deadlines, even if they are our own projects?
  • Simply ask yourself, "How can I make this project simpler?" and write down your answers.

Don’t let an overcomplicated project keep you from moving forward.