Simplifying Card Sending


My Mom is a card sender. Illness, marriage, sympathy she sends a card. She never misses a holiday. And people appreciate hearing from her in a tangible way.

I also like to send cards with my Mom as an inspiration.

I’ve found the main reason cards don’t get sent is that you don’t have a card available. You need to make room in your schedule to find a card, then write in the card, then mail it. One too many steps for most people.

We want to be perfectionistic – going to the store, finding the perfect card for a certain person. And sometimes we can do that. But, with time constraints we can’t do that for everyone we want to send a card. We need a cache of cards. The important thing is that people feel loved and noticed. Not that the card is perfect.

I have a cache of cards. This morning I was looking for a card to send someone and had to go searching through the card mix like usual.

Why? Because I had never labeled anything. So today, I quick put post it labels on some bigger envelopes to sort the cards by categories like sympathy, birthday, notecards. I noticed I need to replenish my sympathy and birthday cards.

Now it’s going to be even quicker to send a card.

I don’t have a before picture. Just picture in your mind cards in no particular order.

Card basket

This is not gorgeous and lovely. But it got things in order fast.

What I’d like you to takeaway from this:

1) Keep a stash of cards so you can remember the people you love.

2) Not every home project has to be perfect and beautiful. Quick is better than waiting for time to do it perfectly.



  • OOOOHHHH, I love how you encourage the non-perfectionism.

    I had a client tell me once that she’d hear my voice in her mind saying, “it doesn’t have to be perfect” 🙂 (that’s success for me)

  • Beth says:

    Yep kind of anti-pinterest. I just don’t want to make the time to have everything look adorable 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    So interesting your topic is about card organizing this week. That is exactly what I did after trying to get Christmas cards and card-making things together. You are right, remembering occasions on time is more important that perfection in the organization. Thanks for your weekly emails.

  • Linda B says:

    Thank you! Great reminder that it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be functional. I too often have good intentions regarding sending cards, but don’t follow through. Thanks for the quick way to make it more likely that I will follow through.

  • Lois says:

    I’ve had a card file for several years now…not perfect for sure; the container is too small so can’t close the cover; I just went through it the other day and threw away a bunch of really old cards that I realized I would never use. That felt good. My new goal is to plan one year ahead for my 12 grandchildren (plus 3 spouses so far)and get cards for them (and maybe filed by month). Am I making it too complicated?? I’m thinking somewhat like Linda B…the more I have done ahead of time, the more likely I am to be on time, rather than “stylishly” late!

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