Simplifying for Lent

I woke up with the idea that I wanted to create a 33-page guide for simplifying for lent.

I’ve always loved the season of lent. It’s a more reflective time of year that reminds us to concentrate on living differently. Lent invites us to slow down and to release things that are holding us back from a spiritual, conscious life.

Most of us are living lives with too much speed. We have so many choices, many which pull us away from our center and spirituality.  We get caught up in drama and try to hide emptiness and feelings under over-eating, the internet, TV, or busyness.

Lent is the 40 days before Easter, (excluding Sundays). It is a beautiful time to return to our spiritual life and re-focus our lives.

For 40 days I have ideas, questions and inspiration to live a simpler, more intentional and more reflective life.

Also included is a Lenten Retreat with ideas and schedule for 3-day Lenten retreat.

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