Singing authentically


The weather was warming up and I had all the windows down and my sunroof open. I was singing along to the radio. A song came on that I liked but was not a "cool" song and is a little embarrassing.

I looked around and started to change the radio. Before I changed channels, my inner wisdom said, "Really, you are going to turn off a song you like, because people you don’t know, might judge your song?"

I kept the song on and sang it loud and proud.

How many times a day do we allow other people’s judgments decide how we will live our life? Would you have rather worn a bright top today? Did you read the latest "must read" book all the way through so you could keep up with the talk, even though you hated it?

Foods you eat, committees you are on, that art on your walls – how many are based on what "they" might think.

Notice today when you are stopping yourself from living authentically so you won’t be judged by "them."

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  • I can relate to what you say here! I think I am independent and confident but I often worry about what people will think, cheesy songs (that I love) included. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

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