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I have friends, clients and acquaintances moving through new changes – moving, empty nest, new job, chronic illness. Our lives our filled with transitions, but we don’t normally pace ourselves through them. We want to be settled again right away, so we hurry up –  settling for where we land.

The uncertainty can be scary. Not knowing where we are in this new phase of our lives can be difficult. Most of us also don’t want to feel the emotions that always come up during transitions.

The last child leaves home. Instead of feeling the pain, sorry and hope, a mom quickly looks to fill the space with volunteering, a new pet or working longer hours. Does she really want to do these things? Who knows? But, at least she isn’t feeling anything.

What if you felt the feelings of transition? Letting them flow through you. Healing rather than locked up in the body.

Then listened to your soul. What would you hear? Perhaps a walk on the beach. Or calling a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Maybe it’s time to write that book you had in you. Or maybe your soul is calling you to rest.

When you slow down during change you can find out what you want and what is best for your family. You become a deliberate creator in your next step. You can add and subtract things from that deep place of knowing. A place that feels more like you than grabbing things to keep busy and looking settled. You can come up with a new edition of your life slowly, with patience, feeling and intention.

Society may tell us we need to have everything figured out immediately. But, it’s kinder to move slower through the process. Listening, trying something, listening again.

Make your transitions times of the soul. Seeking what is next. Bless you on your journey.



Pix from Sean and Lauren


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  • vishal says:

    Yes. Extremely true. We must need to slow down or to have a little break. It will also help us in restarting the things with huge potential.

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