Snowed in


Evergreen trees in my backyard

Living near Lake Michigan, we get used to all the Lake Effect snow. But when when the winds are so rough it gets to -20F and the snow drifts over roads making them impassable, even we hunker down.

Friday night we were looking at plans for Saturday: taking my son to archery practice, doing some shopping, especially for my daughter’s Valentine’s Tea, going down to in-laws about 30 minutes south of us. Instead we heard the news that all recreation activities were canceled.

So we slept in on Saturday. We woke up to the cold, snow and wind. The news said the highway has been shut down numerous times due to accidents. About 70 cars by afternoon. The libraries, malls, and stores that weren’t already closed, closed early bracing for the worst part of the blizzard.

On Sunday church was canceled. Monday, school was canceled.

All my plans and places to be were halted. Leaving me with…time.

The first day I did some catch up on various projects, working with the kids on their rooms and had hot cocoa with the kids. The second day I decided to relax. I read much of the day, did some planning, baked peanut butter cookies with the kids, played some games and watched some of the Monk marathon. Today it’s back to work for me since I work from home 🙂 But, the kids are playing.

What would you do if you had an extra day? How can you create that? Maybe having Dad drive the kids to Saturday practice, hold off shopping for another day or two, take a day off of work, decide not to go to one meeting… It’s up to you.

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