Social Media is Not Real

I was disturbed when I read this article, about a women whose life looked perfect from the outside and social media but she killed herself. In the article Beth Landam writes, “Increasingly, most of us are living two lives: one online, one off. And studies show that this makes us more vulnerable to depression, loneliness and low self-worth.”

Proposals, weddings, events, crafts, kid outfits all need to be Pinterest and share-worthy. The article tells of a women who has part of her apartment clean and well-decorated so she can take the pictures there, while the rest of the house is a mess.

I think this is why I rarely post pictures of beautiful organizing solutions I have done that would be perfect for Pinterest. One – because I am not very crafty and my DIY isn’t all that gorgeous. Two –  because I don’t want to perpetuate the perfectionistic ideal.

You can have a functional file system that isn’t amazing to look at or photograph a cake that lost part of its frosting. I like beauty and design, but is it worth it to over-design everything in your life? Most of us don’t have that amount of time.

As you go throughout your week, notice when you are trying to make something look better than it is for the approval of social media friends. You are enough – burnt cookies and all. (Or maybe I am the only one who burns things?)