Soften and Flow


L​ast year was all about surrendering. This year’s theme is Soften and Flow. World events, the whole pandemic thing, my daughter and grandson moving out, losing my Grandma, too much news and Twitter and other circumstances have put me in a perpetual state of tension.

W​hen I asked myself what I wanted this year getting out of hyper vigilance and into peace was top of the list. Getting the tension out of my body. Feeling good in that body.

S​o I journaled to find out how that could happen. The action that came to me and would become my theme this year is to soften and flow.

M​ore dance, yoga, and massage (I have a few at home tools, and my husband gave me gift certificates for massage for Christmas).

M​ore noticing tension and tightness. I think I will set an alarm to check in with myself. Then see what I am thinking that is creating the tension. Softening. Breathing through emotions. Releasing.

M​ore creativity, whimsy, and silliness.

M​ore looseness and less rigidness.

L​ess trying to hold onto control. Making aligned decisions on what I can control, and surrendering the rest to God.

L​ess resistance to what is happening and wanting everything to go how I expect. Not needing to fix. Instead finding the flow and moving into that flow. Flowing in my body. Flowing in my mind. Flowing with my creativity. Flowing with what God wants and connecting. Noticing where God is working and go that direction.

R​emembering I am not my thoughts. I am not my patterns. I am not my emotions. I am not my anxiety. I am not my personality. I am the space of love for all of it. Life is ever changing. I don’t have to hold on to everything.

S​o today to soften and flow I plan on using my Back Buddy this evening and set my alarm to notice tension.

H​ow can you soften or flow? Do you have a theme for the year? What have you been noticing that you want to shift?

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