My husband asked why we had so many dirty cups. In one day we went through just about every cup we own.

I blamed the cat. It seems on certain days every time I turn around the cat is lapping up water from my cup. I don’t share water with my cat, so I had to get a new cup each time.

Exasperated my husband asked why I don’t use a glass with a lid.  "I don’t like the taste of water after it’s been in the metal tumbler or the plastic cups with lids."

Thankfully he remembered a place that had ceramic ones. We found one at Barnes and Noble and I now have a lovely ceramic cup with a lid.


And the cat no longer drinks my water.

Can you think of one irritation, problem, or annoyance? Can you think of a few ways that might solve it?


  • happygirl says:

    When I have items that do not sell on ebay, I have a tendency to keep them around and relist them again and again. They don’t sell AND it’s starting to cost me $$. I need to learn how to part with items I believe have value, yet don’t seem to have value to anyone else. btw, these items were listed on ebay for .99 and didn’t sell. Thanks. *your family is in my prayers every day*

  • Dee Lane says:

    I had a similar problem with the cat drinking my water but solved it with stainless steel water bottles that are also great for the car!

  • Jemma Howell says:

    Lol… I thought you were just blaming the cat for an easy scapegoat (hmm, scapecat?) A lidded mug – brilliant. I always return to my cup with the veiled worry that my cat’s been there, and then try to be in denial and keep going – but really! That’s gross – I don’t share my cup with my kids, so why should Bella have preferential treatment. Ugh! Thanks for planting the seed – lidded cups & mugs. Who’da’ thunk it? xo beth girly – in my thoughts for happiness and peace.

  • Raelene says:

    Lovely mug! I will have to check out B&N next time I am near one.
    I blame my cat for a lot of things, but she doesn’t usually drink out of my cup (at least she hasn’t gotten caught yet) 🙂

  • Beth says:

    Happygirl – hope you were able to let go of some of your ebay stuff.

    Glad you found a solution Dee.

    Thanks Jemma.

    They have a bunch of pretty ones Raelene.

    Now my cat is sitting on my lap as I try to type.

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