Spa Day

Yesterday evening, after a full day of work, home and family, I went to a friend’s spa party. Kirsty had some soothing music playing in the background as we soaked, massaged, and lotioned. As soon as the herbal eye pads went on our eyes, the chatter stopped. Kirsty asked if there was a coorelation between seeing and talking. We spent much of the evening in silence, enjoying the relaxation.

When was the last time you took time out to relax?

Last night I watched the movie Mean Girls. It saddens me to see girls putting each other down,trying to fit in, becoming less than who they are because society wants them to conform to this “ideal” I remember that time, and it has only gotten worse. In fact, this kind of thing still happens to us as adult women. The sizing up, the cat fights, the competition. I still see women trying to fit in and losing themselves in the process. I love the line in the movie “Calling them fat doesn’t make you skinnier. Calling them dumb doesn’t make you smarter. Calling them ugly doesn’t make your prettier.”

If you have a high schooler or an older middle schooler, watch this movie with them. Then talk afterwards. The language can be coarse, but no worse than they hear at school. Really.

Today’s Focus: Slowing Down