Spa Day


I used to have a Self-Care schedule.

Sundays – nails

Mondays – deep condition hair

Tuesdays – exfoliate

Wednesday – Alpha Hydroxy arms

Thursday – face mask

Friday – Use Back Buddy

Saturday – Candlelight shower

That worked well for many years. Now however I have to use the heavy duty dye for my hair that takes 25-30 minutes instead of the quick color. So now I have a monthly spa day instead so I can use that tedious waiting time.

I bring in music (no candles as I am mixing chemicals.)

Hair dye for my hair.

Take off pedicure polish and clip nails.

File fingernails.

Wash, exfoliate and use a sensitive skin peel. I also exfoliate and peel a couple times a week.


Time to shower and rinse hair dye. I also do a good shave instead of my normal quick shave below the knees while my deep conditioner is working. I use my pumice stone on my heels.

After I dry off I put on heavy duty moisturizer that smells like lavendar instead of my Neutrogena body oil and moisturize my face.

I put on my cozy, dark blue robe and give myself a pedicure while watching something good.

Sometimes I’ll use a heating pad while my toenails dry.

Lastly I use my Back Buddy.

Doing all my monthly beauty rituals at once saves me time and saves me having to remember to do it all throughout the month. (I post a checklist inside my bathroom cabinet.)

I schedule my next Spa Day as soon as I complete one.




  • I love your spa day, Beth.

    I use 10-minute hair colour from Loreal Excellence 🙂 if you want a shorter, more regular spa experience!

  • Jess says:

    I love this idea. I started to group tasks and “batch” them like this after reading Gretchen Rubin’s book about habits. It has simplified my life so much to group similar activities and tasks together. 🙂

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