I feel a little claustrophobic when every square inch of a surface is taken up with stuff. Decorative or not, sometimes it’s just too much.

A little bit of empty shelf space or corner space can be very calming. Space feels free and nurtures you. Stuff and clutter slow your energy, while space lets energy flow.

Do you have a spot in your home has renewing space? Even if you are still decluttering the rest of your home, do you have at least one area where you can breathe?


On my entertainment center (above) I have a few decorative objects in the corner and then the rest is empty.

Sometimes I will take all the pictures off the top of my bookshelf for a time.

I also like to clear off my bulletin boards often.

Where can you clear a space? Maybe taking all the magnets off your fridge or putting the knick knacks away for awhile. Or creating a spot on your dresser or end table. Or keeping your dining room table free from clutter.

Bring a little space into your life this weekend.

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