Speed Limit

One of the main reasons we are stressed is because many of us are extremely hard on ourselves. We don’t give ourselves any slack. We think not only can we have it all, we should have it all and do it all perfectly.

The other weekend when I participated in community impact day with my family it was also an end of the year picnic with my son’s robotics team. We were to bring something to eat. So we finished with the yard work five minutes early, ran over to the grocery store and bought some already made potato salad. I knew my limits.


Too many of us want to pretend we have no limits and don’t pay attention when we are reaching ours. When you start to feel stressed, frustrated or tired today try checking in with yourself. What thought or task can you let go of? What standard can you ease up on? Who can you ask for help with this? Do you need a break?


Photo by Joe Shlabotnik