Spending Fast


Due to the unexpected appliance expenses, I think I will go on a 30 day spending fast. All during May I will spend only on what are necessities. I’ll make a game out of it to see how little I can spend. Of course that means I have to figure out what is a necessity and what is a want.¬ New books are wants as much as I think I need them like air. Especially when I have books on the shelves I haven’t read yet.

Produce¬ and good food is a necessity. Junk food is a want (good thing I stocked up on 1/2 priced Easter candy!). My pantry and freezer are full so I might not even need to buy much food.

My massage will be a necessity because it is unbelievable how much it helps my health and well-being. But I can wait a few weeks to get a new haircut. We can trade movies for walks, dinners out for picnics, Barnes and Noble for Howard Miller Library. (And NO overdue fines.) I think I will need to stay away from Target and Lowe’s all together.

Anyone else want to try a money fast this May with me?


  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks, Maggie for all the helpful ideas!

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