Spending Fast ~ Day 1

30 Day Spending Fast

All right, day 1 is over. How did everyone do?

I was looking forward to not spending any money, but after picking my daughter up from a 5pm activity and then going for a walk, she was hungry. I thought she was going to eat at the activity, but apparently it was mostly junk food today.

So we stopped by the grocery store on our way home from the walk. On the car ride I was thinking what I could do to minimize the cost. I really wanted to get donuts or some sort of pastry. But, that’s not good for the wallet or the waist. I decided we could get bread for some chicken salad sandwiches using the leftover rotisserie chicken from my sister’s visit. That would work.

The bakery didn’t have my bread, so I got mini croissants instead. Feeling pretty proud of myself, we checked out. Only to find out my croissants were over $5. I hadn’t even checked the price when I got them. I would not have bought them if I had opened my eyes. Ah well. Next time.

I also got some things for my daughter’s lunch, so the total for the day: $10.63