Spending Fast Day 15

Just about halfway through my spending fast. It seems easier this year. I think because I am posting daily for accountability, plus I have been having more interaction with people also doing the spending fast with me. So thanks everyone!

Today my husband thought it was too nice a day for us to stay inside. So, being spontaneous, he said, "Let’s go". I’ve learned not to ask where, why, how. I hopped in the car after he suggested I change out of my dress into jeans. We stopped by Blimpie’s for some sub sandwhiches. $8

We went to a nature area with trails he just discovered not far from our house. We had a picnic outside where we had a grand view of all the birds. After lunch we started hiking. We had a red wing blackbird who perched on nearby low tree branches wherever we walked. We had to push through some tall grass and avoid pricker bushes to get to one of the ponds. But at the pond we were rewarded with seeing a bull frog, a mallard duck and a muskrat. We stood still for some time while we waited for the muskrat to re-appear.

As we went over the bridge we heard splashing and saw a duck swimming away so we tried to follow her. We discovered it was a mother duck trying to fetch her four baby ducklings from around the river to keep them safe from us. She swam down the river with four little ducklings in a row behind her. The father mallard whooshed over our head in an effort to keep us away.

We turned around to let the ducks be when all of the sudden a deer comes bounding out of the forest straight for us. We did not make a move. The beautiful, slender, young deer veered when it finally saw us. We watched it jump away as we stood smiling at the sight.

 $8, not bad for a date. Sure I could have fought spending the money. But, I didn’t.