Spending Fast – Day 16

Today my daughter is at Cedar Point with her band. I gave her $20 for food for the whole day – can’t have her starving. She packed a fanny pack 3 days ago with energy bars, band aids, mints, sunscreen and anything else she thought she needed. She likes to be prepared.

This week a friend and I went for a walk instead of out for coffee and I got to see her new place. No money required.

I was extremely close to going out to eat for lunch. I really didn’t want to cook. But, I thought of the drive and cost and psyched myself up to make some fish, asparagus and baked fries for lunch for my husband and I. For dinner, since it is just my son and I, I think we will just toss in frozen dinners.

Here are some more ideas to stop spending:

Opting for More