Spending Fast ~ Day 2


30 Day Spending Fast

Onto Day 2. I awoke to a lovely email from Amazon giving me a list of Kindle titles for $3.99 or less. Oh, the temptation. I decided I had better delete the email without even reading it. Savings? Between $3.99 and $20 probably.

You may want to unsubscribe to all sales emails like these for the duration. You can always re-subscribe. Remember, most of the clutter you have you had bought at one time. Too often on a whim from a passing email.

Today I bought gas. My husband said that gas prices were on the rise, so I might want to get gas when I picked up my daughter from school. (The gas station and the grocery store are across from the school. Very convenient.) Thankfully is was still down and I had a 5 cent off coupon for the gas.

9 gallons for $34.52.

It was also bill paying day, so I thankfully paid my internet bill, utility and garbage.




  • Linda DeMars says:

    I have started doing that too- just deleting the offers of sales without looking at them. I don’t really need much for summer except a bathing suit and that I’ll have to try. I do need new sneakers – well, I call them tennis shoes, and a haircut. Both of those I need to get out and do. I didn’t buy anything today.

  • Beth says:

    Woohoo Linda!

  • jill says:

    Have you tried pixel of ink on facebook? Lots, and I mean lots, of free books for the kindle.

  • Beth says:

    Thanks for the resource Jill

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