Spending Fast – Day 27/28/29

This has not been a great 3 days finance wise. Tuesday my husband and I went out for lunch before the kids were out of school for the summer. My car was dead when we got out. Apparently our fan got a short and was going non stop draining the battery. So we got the short fixed and bought a new car battery.

Then it was time to get some clothes for a wedding this weekend. I was fine with a dress I had. But my white sandals, black sandals and blue sandals were a wreck when I brought out my summer shoes. I got rid of them earlier last month. My daughter is casual and had nothing for a wedding. My son outgrew all of his good pants and shoes. After going to a zillion stores we found a dress my daughter would wear along with sandals she loves. We didn’t find any clothes for my son. And I didn’t try anything on.

Time to find some shoes. I wear a size 5 shoe and I didn’t find any shoes my size at any of the other stores until we got to Payless. I found the perfect white pair of sandals…and cute red shoes with a bow…and pink polka dot slides…and brown heels. I talked myself into them because they were my size and on sale. But, I really didn’t need 4 pairs of shoes.

Afterwards I wanted to go Barnes and Noble and splurge on books or Office Max for some cool pens. Once a little money was spent I found myself wanting to spend more. That was so weird. I didn’t go to any other stores, but went straight home.

I took my son to Target today to see if we could find pants there for him. And we did – along with shoes, a shirt and underwear.

The reason I try to stay away from Target is I usually get more than what I need. So along with kitty litter, laundry detergent and napkins, I got nail polish and chocolate.

I shouldn’t have any shopping to do tomorrow!