Spending Fast – Day 3

I had forgotten I would be on a spending fast when I suggested coffee with a friend Saturday morning while our kids were at a fund raiser. But, I only bought one muffin because I was hungry and got a cup of water instead of paying for a drink.

Later before the kids got home hubby wanted to go out for lunch without the kids. Does it count if he paid? Not that it matters since it is all together in one checking account. But, we picked somewhere inexpensive. And I got a kids’ size sandwich and just a glass of water again.

This evening it was back to the grocery store for fresh ciabatta bread and produce for lunch tomorrow since my parents will be in town. I’m making a simple lunch of crockpot chicken and rice soup which I can put on before church, sauteed asparagus with a bit of lemon and sea salt, a salad of blueberries, strawberries and pineapple and the ciabatta bread.

Weekends can be tricky – how did you do?