Spending Fast ~ Day 3

30 Day Spending Fast

I  am so happy I got gasoline the day before. Gas prices shot up 25 cents in one day.

It also reached 80 degrees all of the sudden here in Michigan and my husband reminded me that our air conditioning window unit was on the fritz. We were looking when it started petering out at the end of last summer, but we couldn’t find any.

Our 95 year old house has no central air. Jeff found a deal online and we went to pick a new unit up at Lowe’s on sale. A more energy efficient model and smaller to boot. Not an expense I wanted to have at the moment though.

Is air conditioning a necessity? For many people the answer would be no. I personally don’t have to have it. But, my hot blooded husband does.

On the way home he surprised me by stopping for ice cream at an ice cream stand. I ate an unnecessary, but very delicious cone.

As you go on a spending fast, you can tell your family about it. And they may want to join or they may not want to. Make sure to tell them the reason (so we can pay off a debt, go on vacation, have less clutter, etc.) for more motivation.

Watch where your spending fast negatively affects relationships. I could have gotten all annoying about a $1 ice cream cone. But, I didn’t think it was worth it. Concentrate more on your spending than what your family is spending.

And I bought produce for the next two days.