Spending Fast – Day 4

 My parents came by for dinner. Since it is Tulip Time, I took them into Holland to see the tulips and browse the arts and crafts fair. The paintings and sculptures were amazing. My daughter loved the jewelry best. I was doing good. I just picked up the business cards for the vendors that I liked their art.

Then came the jewelry designer that made pendants out of marbles. My daughter loves marbles and has a collection. And these glittery ones were so unusual. And they were under $10. And can you see how many excuses I can make for why I bought them?

I think I need to add Arts and Crafts fair as places not to go on my spending fast like Target and Barnes and Noble.

Later my Mom gave the kids money for candy at the Holland Peanut Shoppe – they have candy from all over the world and those old fashioned candies you don’t get too many places. While I was there I bought one turkish delight for me and a $4 bag of Brach’s pick a mix for my husband.

The rest of the day was good – no more spending. I plan to spend no money anywhere today.