Spending Fast ~ Day 5 and 6

How is everyone doing? I did go out to dinner last night with my husband – no kids! He paid for our date. For the rest of our date, we played in the garden and watched the birds at the bird feeder.
Today I went grocery shopping only buying what was on my list. Mainly food for this week’s lunches. Everyone packs a lunch here. I don’t know about around you, but I am not impressed with cafeteria food around here. They do serve fruits and veggies, but they also have chicken nuggets, pizza, and other high fat/not very nutritious food.

My kids usually have yogurt, fruit, granola bars, nuts, carrots, sunflower seeds and food like that. The non-refrigerated food is on a lower shelf in the cabinet so its easy to grab.

They don’t like sandwiches so we’ve had to come up with other lunch choices.

They’ve been packing their own lunch since first grade. I’m usually in the kitchen while they pack their lunch so I can peek that they aren’t bringing just junk food.

And since my husband works 3rd shift, he needs to pack a lunch too. Unless he wants to eat at the only fast food restaurant open late around here – every day.